Project Roadmap

Project Roadmap

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Our 7 key milestones to get us from "Prototype" through to "Public Release"

A good project requires a solid plan and robust project management to deliver. We've drafted a roadmap for the next 6 months encompassing our design, development and release phases into 7 key milestones.

Month Zero | June 2022

Milestone #1 – Kick-Off

Funds have been received, ready to proceed with building infrastructure & development work(s)
  • Purchase of infrastructure
  • Configuration of infrastructure
  • Cardano NFT Metadata Capture System architecture design
  • Development of NFT metadata capture system
  • Development of URL resolution

Month One | July 2022

Milestone #2 – Prototype Completed

Worldwide infrastructure setup & metadata capture, storage and parsing system ready to begin alpha-testing phase
  • Initial system & performance monitoring for 4 weeks
  • Comparison to benchmarks
  • Backlog of issues generated
  • Beta testing partner(s) secured with intent to support

Month Two | August 2022

Milestone #3 – Testing & Monitoring Completed

Alpha testing complete, optimisation & user-access development work(s)
  • Scrums kicked-off to troubleshoot issues identified
  • Performance optimised for best-in-class performance
  • Security countermeasures integrated
  • Customer API query design w/ authorization controls
  • Initial security tests completed

Month Three | September 2022

Milestone #4 – Optimisations Completed

Optimisations complete, beta-testing phase commences
  • Service Test Suite created to stress test infrastructure, systems and processes
  • Monitoring of metrics
  • Beta-testing phase with onboarded partners begin
  • Any outstanding issues logged & actioned
  • Initial engagements with prospective customers begin

Month Four | October 2022

Milestone #5 – Partner Onboarding & Beta-Testing Completed

Development work(s) of customer website begins, results of beta-testing phase showcased
  • Website stack design work(s) commence
  • Website authentication module work(s) commence
  • Website subscription plan model work(s) commence
  • Website customer Account page commence
  • Website (incremental) deployment pipeline commence
  • Documentation & Guidance created
  • Prospective customers invited to begin pre-release testing of website & services

Month Five | November 2022

Milestone #6 – Website MVP Completed

Website development progressing, finishing touches being applied to service and pricing released
  • Service Level Agreements created and ratified
  • Pricing released
  • Customers engaged to sign up to NFT Content Delivery as a Service

Month Six | December 2022

Milestone #7 – Service Finishing Touches Applied

Service ready for operation, business case final check conducted
  • Business plan for Y1 - Y5 created
  • Roadmap creation for release train 2 begins
  • Service provision begins

We report project progress at regular intervals on our reporting page and also on our Twitter page (