Alpha release live!

Alpha release live!

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» The wait for NFTs to load is over!

As of the 23rd of September 2023,'s alpha release is live on! Here's a look at how we compare to traditional methods available to people who want to display Cardano NFTs on their website/DApp!

NFTs Display Performance BenchmarkNB. Speed tests conducted using a 300Mb/s ADSL fibre optic line. The average household broadband speed is 80Mb/s in the UK, 50Mb/s in Germany & Australia, 100Mb/s in the USA and 18Mb/s in Brazil.

» So what does this mean for me?

As an end-user (i.e. people who like to look at NFTs), this means:

  • Lower Bandwidth Consumption – Our "Image Optimisation" capability can re-scale and consequently reduce file sizes by 80 - 95%, lowering total bandwidth requirements from gigabytes to megabytes – a much welcomed feature for mobile users on expensive data plans!
  • Faster NFT Image Loading – Smaller NFT image file sizes also mean loading of webpages/wallets with thousands of these assets are now completed in seconds rather than minutes!
  • No Rate Limit Errors – Our very high rate-limit thresholds ensure loading of wallets with thousands of NFTs are smooth & uninterrupted!

As a developer looking to display NFTs on your websites/DApps, this means:

  • Light-Weight Infrastructure – Our NFT Content Delivery As a Service offering eliminates the need for setting up your own Cardano nodes, databases, IPFS nodes & clusters and multi-platform integrations to display NFTs!
  • Low Cost – No up-front design, development and deployment expenses or on-going maintenance & operational overhead to display NFTs!
  • Every Cardano NFT image source: Compatible with any NFT image source (IPFS, Arweave, HTTP, On-Chain).
  • Every Cardano NFT image type: Compatible with any standard image type, including SVGs & GIFs.
  • One-line integration: Simply use your personal gateway in your website/Dapp as follows: <img src="">
  • Built-in Security: HMAC authentication, CORS & hotlinking protection against bandwidth bandits!

» What's next?

  • Beta Testing (October 2022) – Successfully rolling out our alpha release now signals the start of our beta-testing phase. In the next coming days we will get in touch with all those who have reached out to us and provide an opportunity to try out our services. This provides us an invaluable opportunity to collect feedback and adjust our service provision to your needs!
  • Public Release (December 2022) – Our service offering has ignited the passionate people within the Cardano ecosystem and we look forward to on-boarding new subscribers to our service! 💚💜❤️

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