Funding Secured Funding Secured

Funding secured to design, develop and launch our NFT Content Delivery As A Service offering -

We did it

On March 2022, we created and pitched our proposal "NFT Content Delivery As A Service" within the Project Catalyst Fund 8 Developer Ecosystem category.

With many thanks to the members of the Cardano community, we have now secured the funds to deliver on our proposal.

A total of 1,340 unique wallets voted on our proposal with a 94% voting-power supporting our cause


The team proudly present - an NFT-focused Content Delivery Network, delivering optimised NFT content at lightning-fast speed along with enriched NFT metadata from the Cardano blockchain network!

The name highlights the 3 core functioanlities of our product:
(1) "CDN" – Provision of a Content Delivery Network
(2) "NFT" – Primarily focused on Non-Fungible Token content
(3) "IO" –  Output NFT content to your exact needs from your Inputs

What comes next?

⚙️ Setup - Social & Engagement

We have created to share updates for our propsective customers and the Cardano community, including methods to get in touch with us & our Twitter social account @nftcdn_io.

🏁 Roadmap - The Plan

As part of our proposal, we had created and shared our project plan detailing high-level activities and milestones from prototyping through to public release. To successfully deliver on our plan, robust project management and governance is critical. We will now begin setting this framework to get work(s) in motion.

📜 Vision - Detailing Our Ambitions

As part of our proposal, we drafted an epic detailing the philosophy, market needs and benefits of launching an NFT Content Delivery Service for the Cardano Community. We will now condense this and detail our offering(s) in a simple and easy to understand page.

📊 Research - Initial Customer Engagement Form

Prospective customers interested in using an NFT-focused CDN service are welcomed to complete our Initial Customer Engagement Form to help us understand present & future needs and pain-points. This will enable us to ensure our services can cater to your requirements. We will get in touch to discuss your requirements in detail, address any open questions and take away any suggestions.

Update 12/12/22 – Our Initial Customer Engagement Form is now closed! Thank you for all those who have shown an interest in our service at the early stages of our development. Your enthusiasm and support has helped us get to where we are today! To get started with with NFTCDN, join our Discord server for a one-to-one on-boarding experience!

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