The Team

The duo bringing you lightning-fast NFT content & rich metadata to improve your end-users' experience on your websites & D/Apps!


Co-Founder & CTO of

Specialist in the Embedded & High Availability Systems industry (Aeronautics, UAVs, Automotive, Network Protocols) in the role of a Senior Technical Lead, driving end-to-end system architecture design and execution from conception, development, integration, testing & release, including recruiting, coaching and managing junior technical leads.

  • Presently working as an executive-level SaaS consultant (4+ years) across multiple domains in industry, with a focus on blockchain platforms - specifically Cardano.
  • Creator & owner of - Cardano ecosystem's real-time visual blockchain explorer.
  • Co-author of CIP-0025 (NFT Metadata Standard).


Co-Founder & CCO of

Possessing a diverse portfolio of experience in strategy development, execution and operational delivery across a range of disciplines including: data science, analytics, robotic process automation, process optimization, change management, business process off-shoring & outsourcing, ERP integration, database migration, target operating model design, procurement & supply chain design and advanced manufacturing.

Passionate about sharing and exercising my proficiencies in the management and capability-development of high-performing project teams and the creation and execution of best-in-class value-generating cross-disciplinary initiatives aimed at delivering value locally at a business level and to the wider community.